More HT Runs!

I have made 3 more Harris Teeter Runs but didn't snap pictures. It was so late when I got home I just put all the freezer and fridge items away and left the rest out.

First Order: Spent $1.86 Saved: $50.64
3) Birds Eye Steamfresh Broccoli
1) Philly Mini Cream Cheese Tub
3) Crest Toothpaste
3) Character Bandaids
3) Lady Speed Stick
3) Palmolive Dish Detergent
3) Betty Crocker Warm Delights

I went to Adam's Farm HT which had the Cream Cheese and Palmolive everyone else was sold out of!

Second Order: Spent: $21.81 Saved: $63.02
2) Hot Pocket Side Shots
2) Farm Rich Cheese Sticks
1) Liugi Italian Ice
3) Philly Cream Cheese Mini Tubs
1) Edy's Snack Size Ice Cream (Had a Catalina for a free one up to $1.25 but it rang up 1.67)
2) Sargento Reduced Sodium Cheese
4) Zip Lock Gallon Size Storage Bags (Used 2 BOGO Q's and paid $3.98. Will send in for the SC Johnson Rebate to receive $5 back.)
1) Viva Single Roll Paper Towels
1) Listerine Total
3) Domino Brown Sugar
3) Capri Sun
2) Folgers Coffee
1) Ball Park Angus Hot Dogs
1) Sunchips
2) Quaker Rice Cakes

Third Order: Spent: $20.42 Saved: $49.76
6) Ortega Refried Beans
1) Spiderman Bandaid
3) Betty Crocker Warm Delight
2) Gerber Tomato Crunchies
2) Betty Crocker Cake Mix
1) Huggies Wipes
2) Betty Crocker Frosting
1) Boudreaux Baby Kisses
7) Yoplait Yogurt ($0.40/6 Q and $0.25 Q from Que Rica Vida Mailer)
3) Kraft Ranch Dressing
1) Totinos Pizza Roll
2) Party Time Salsa Dip
1) Cinnamon Toast Crunch
1) Capri Sun

SO...that brings my grand total to 5 trips with $68.76 Spent and $287.30 Saved!!


  1. Erin - will you do my shopping for me?!?!? I try to play this grocery game and it never turns out like your!!! Hope to see you at the pool! Rae

  2. I buy multiple papers each week so I can get more than one item on sale with a coupon. And when I go to do my coupon runs, I only buy what I can with my coupons. I don't buy extras. I've found the best price for milk is normally at Food Lion so I'll grab milk and bread elsewhere and meat when and where it's on sale. I'd love to help you in any way I can!