Frozen Grapes...

Food Lion has their red seedless grapes on sale for $0.99/lb. I bought several bags thinking they would be good for my daughter to munch on during her softball games or when it's hot outside. I had heard you could freeze grapes and eat them for a sweet treat so we tried it. My daughter loved it! She kept saying they taste like ice cream. I googled to find a few tasty treats and this is what I found...

---I put grapes and watermelon chunks on a skewer and freeze them! These are great frozen fruit kabobs!
---They are terrific on a hot day in a tall glass of Orange Juice, or for a breakfast treat - try making a Mimoza (champagne and orange juice) and using frozen grapes at the "ice cube".
---I freeze banana chunks. They taste like ice cream when eaten straight from the freezer. Don't allow them to thaw before eating them. The banana chunks as well as any frozen fruit can be put into milkshakes or smoothies in your blender. Sure makes for a quickie breakfast, especially if you're on the run, or not.
---I can never seem to finish a whole bag of grapes before they go bad. So, out of curiosity, I put them into a blender, pureed them, and froze the puree in small plastic containers. I didn't need to add anything else. When frozen, it's similar to an Italian ice. The small pieces of the peel add an interesting texture.

I'm heading back to Food Lion for more grapes!

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