Frugal Friday!


How it works is that you BUY, for instance and hypothetical, example: spaghetti sauce for $1.00 when full price is $3.00. You do NOT need the spaghetti THIS week, but you will need it in the future.

So you will take the spaghetti sauce out in two weeks when you need it and save $2.00!! So you purchase LOW instead of paying HIGH!!

You will do this with all of the items that you use regularly!! What you hope to do with YOUR stockpile is to have a "mini-supermarket" with your pantry inventory!!

There are TWO ways to work on your pantry inventory - you can add to your stockpile AFTER you have gotten your Needs for the week!! You stay on budget and slowly build your pantry inventory which will take about 12 weeks!!

The other option is to add to your budget and more quickly build your pantry inventory.

While building your stockpile you will be buying some odd combinations of things which all makes sense in the end. That part confused me at first because I would buy spaghetti sauce, tuna, shampoo and BBQ sauce or some other odd combination in addition to my needs. In no time I had a very well rounded stockpile.

We make 2 grocery lists, a WANT and a NEED list. I stress to my family, when they are running low on poptarts, pizzas, Fruity Pebbles, etc. it has to be added to my want list. When these items go on sale, we buy them.

Please ask questions and share your families tips with me!

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