Frugal Friday

I love my reusable bags (and the discounts they give me)! I also love EHow.com which can teach you how to do almost anything!

Check out the link below for all you crafty people to learn how to make your own reusable shopping bags!
How to Make a T-Shirt into a Reusable Shopping Bag | eHow.com
How to Make Your Own Stylish Reusable Bag | eHow.com

Remember that the bags will be used again (...reusable bags...) so make sure anything you put in the bags cannot cause bacteria or mold in between uses. I don't put any frozen items, meat or milk in my reusable bags. Also, remember to wash your bags often.

After using your bags, PUT THEM BACK IN THE CAR so you will have them next time.

Let me know if you have any helpful hints to share!

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